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Lion, Lilly & Sword

A Dark Ages Game

Lion, Lilly & Sword - A Forum for a Dark Ages Game
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This community was created as a resource for players of the Lion, Lilly, & Sword LARP being run in Bloomington, IN. This is supplement to the game's listserv, which is the primary (and official) medium for game communications. Ideally, this community will be used to:
*keep players current on upcoming events, in case they miss an e-mail
*post pictures from the game (which I might ask to steal for the webpage)
*share links to useful costuming websites
*post interesting bits of historical info
*find a handy (and tagged) archive to official e-mails about character creation, the game setting, rules adjustments, game annoucements, etc.
*cross-post personal blog entries that pertain to the game

Anybody who plays in the game, or who would like to start attending the games in Bloomington, IN, is welcome to post. Please note, this game is live-action, not based in Livejournal.