Staying informed.

Most people interested in the game are probably subscribed to the e-mail list, but in case they're not, there's currently a questionnaire asking how people want to have game info disseminated. You can find it here:

Once that questionnaire went out, a player asked for Web Forums to be considered as well. A seperate survey is collection opinions on that:

Thank you!

First Night Event Date

As you may know, the first day game (mortal game) is scheduled for May 20th. The first night game (vampire) isn't set yet, due to some scheduling conflicts.

Monday, May 28th is Memorial Day, a holiday observed by most businesses as well as IU (i.e. no classes). Thus, staying up late on Sunday night shouldn't be too much of an issue.

So, how would folks feel about having the first LLS night game on Sunday, May 27th in the evening?
EDIT: There's a friday May 5th in there That should read Friday May 4th. The 5th is claimed by a OWBN game and I think it wouldn't be polite or practical to compete with them since there will be a high degree of overlap. Sorry for the mix up.
Poll #969042 First Night Game

Would a May 27th (Sunday) game the night before Memorial Day work for you?


Please check any other nights that would work for you (in case most can't make the 27th).

Friday, May 5th
Friday, May 18th
Saturday, May 19th
Friday, May 25th
Friday, June 1st

Comments? Suggestions?


Website Updates

We've had a few updates to the webpage!
In case you weren't aware, character sheets are also available on the website.

You can print out a blank mortal sheet here:

You can print out a blank vamprie sheet here:

You can type up your vampire character sheet through a form, located here:
At the moment this can't be submitted electronically, but you can print out the form and have a legible copy for yourself and your ST. I'll be re-working this page in the coming weeks so that you can e-mail a copy of your sheet to the HST.

A mortal version of this sheet should be available soon.

Also, you can purchase a PDF of the core rule book. See the resources pages for info:

Game Schedule

(From an e-mail byerdedrache)

We now have finalized the schedule for the games! The
Vampire game will run on the second Friday of each
month, and the mortal game on the third Sunday. Those
of you who play Changeling will recognize these dates
as the same as the interlude and the game,

An exception will be for the first vampire game (in
May). There is a conflicting event that night, and the
first session will have to be moved. A date for that
is forthcoming.

I know that some of you won't be able to make one or
either of these sessions, which is unfortunate.
However, if you would like to create characters for
online scenes amd on the chance that you're
occasionally able to come down, feel free.

- Mark

(from a comment via sapphohestia)
I double checked with erdedrache for the times:
Friday: 7:00-12:00
Sunday: 2:00-7:00

Free Patterns

(From an e-mail by Alyc)

This resource isn't on the webpage, but for people who can innovate off of patterns, this might be very useful. There are a lot of original line drawings by contemporary artists to give people an idea of the fashion shapes of the era, as well as a wide variety of variations. Plus, it's just fun to say Houppelande. It's like hootenanny, but with more lande and less nanny.

The Cotehardie and Houppelande Webpage: