Crocus lady (sapphohestia) wrote in lionlillysword,
Crocus lady

ST Announcement: Game Announcement

Hey all,

The next night game of LL&S will be this coming Friday. Check-in will start at 6:00; game will begin at 7:00. If you haven't checked in by 7:00, you'll need to wait until after game intro to do check-in. Game fee will be $2.00.

I will be responding to BGAs all this week; remember that midnight on Wednesday is the deadline to submit BGAs (or at least the deadline for getting responses to your BGAs before the next game).

I'll be sending out a few emails, notably on Resources and on the etiquette of inter-Road relations, tonight or tomorrow.

I hope to see you all on Friday!

- Mark
Tags: event_dates, st_annoucements

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