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ST Announcement: Rules Update

Hey all,

I've made a few changes to the hosue rules:

- Arsenal: This Background reflects access to a wide variety of weapons. In this it is similar to the Equipment background, only it is restricted to weapons. Each level of Arsenal is equivalent to a level of Resources for purposes of obtaining weapons.

- Influence: When using Influence to obtain coins, divide the listed number of coins by 10. Thus, if you use Influence to obtain 250 coins, you actually receive 25. This is to keep the wealth obtained from Influence in line with the amount granted by Resources.

- Resources: A character receives a number of Resource Traits per month equal to his permanent Resources rating. These traits disappear if they are not spent by the end of the month. These traits are distinct from a character’s annual coin income; these will be tracked separately. These Traits represent a character’s credit and ability to bargain using other current possessions.

- Weapons or armor with an availability of Common can be located and obtained in one day. Uncommon items take one week to locate. Rare items can take one month or longer. Obtaining Very Rare weapons or armor requires a minimum of two months, and an explanation of how you intend to locate and obtain such incredible items. Finding weapons of such legendary craftsmanship will almost always require a scene of some sort: finding and bargaining with a smith capable of creating them—- or stealing them from others who have them. No character may begin play with such items.

- Weapon/armor/sheild rarity: A weapon, shield, or suit of armor made with Crafts 4 or 5 is considered to be one category more rare than listed. An item made with Crafts 6 is automatically Very Rare (see above).

- Total Defense Actions: If you take no actions other than to defend (dodging or parrying), you receive a 2-trait bonus to defend against any physical attacks which you are aware of.

- Dominate: Vessel (adv.): You may speak while using Vessel, although your voice is that of the vessel.

- Dissolve the Flesh (adv.): The power's duration is based on the caster's Medicine rating, rather than her Occult rating.

If you have any questions or suggestions reagrding house rules, don't hesitate to contact me.

- Mark
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