Crocus lady (sapphohestia) wrote in lionlillysword,
Crocus lady

ST Notes: Sheet Revisions

Hey all,

I've said this in person to several people, but since I hadn't actually put it out on the list, I figured I should:

If, at any point before your fourth game, you want to change your character sheet in any way, you may. If you decide that you want to change your Nature or Road because you found another that suits your perception of the character, or you realize that you should have taken an Ability that you forgot about at character creation, consult me and we'll make the changes. This can be done at any point before your fourth game with the character. Note that this is the number of games that YOU'VE played in, not the number that have been held. So if you missed the first game, but manage to attend the next four, you have until the fifth game to change your sheet.

- Mark
Tags: character_creation, rules_update, st_annoucements

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