Mark (erdedrache) wrote in lionlillysword,

Character Creation session postponed tonight

Due to an unexpected work issue (an extended shift which I thought was over at 6:00, but which actually goes until 8:00), I need to delay the character creation session tonight until 8:15. However, if someone would be willing to still show up at 7:00 to inform anyone who doesn't get the message, I would appreciate it.

Also, to expediate things during the session, I'm going to have a sign-in sheet that will prioritize people based on how much time they need.
- People with quick, specific questions will be dealt with first.
- Next will be people who want to submit sheets for approval or make changes to existing backgrounds or sheets.
- Last will be people who either have no idea what they want to play or who want help building their sheet. (In the case of the latter group, you might try asking other players for help.)

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