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Results so far

I've been impressed with the survey results shared so far. Almost 65% of the game has responded, which is awesome. Of those, exactly half went on to answer the forum questionnaire. The only thing we really agree on is that we all feel comfortable finding information on the email list, but whether we keep that email list... well, things aren't so clear-cut. I'd like to do a proper write up, once all the results are in, but I thought I'd post how things are now, so people can look for trends. Voting will close tomorrow.

Everyone feels comfortable using the listserv to find info. Almost everyone feels comfortable using the website.

Folks feel comfortable posting info to the e-mail list, blog, and wiki most (note, folks were allowed to vote for several).

About half the game is for the wiki (a few folks selected two "yes" options, which is completely within the rules) and about half against.

There's a lot of support to keep the e-mail list and website. There's the most opposition to the web documents.

There's a lot of support for a player-driven content area. The comment reads "Yes, but it should be optional player-driven content and not necessary to the game."

I think the consensus on my insanity might equal the popular opinion on keeping the e-mail list. I have my suspicions on the individual responsible for that particular comment. Who do you think it might be, kneidzw?

Onto the forum questionnaire. We had 8 responses for this one.

Half would be comfortable, a quarter don't have an opinion, and a quarter are not comfortable finding info on forums.

More people feel comfortable posting to forums.

Yet support for a forum is only about half.

And about half are against it.

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